Get your project covered by The Gamers' Table

Looking for a high quality, professional video to promote your Kickstarter board game project? Let the guys at The Gamers' Table create one for you! We'll review your game, following the same rigorous method we use to review published games. We'll tell it like it is, giving a fair and reasoned overview of your game, from components to rules. For examples, scroll down.


We offer three levels of service, differentiated by the speed at which the video is completed. Payment is due at the time you order the video and the time begins from the day we receive the game.


Contact Us
To begin the process, send us an email for details on where to send your game. You'll be given instructions on where to send it and where and how to send payment. We will send you notification once payment has been received, once the game has been received, and finally, when the video is complete. We will add the video to our Kickstarter video page on our website. (You may choose not to have the video on our site if you wish.)


Be advised, we will be applying the same standards to your game as we do to all games reviewed by The Gamers' Table. That means that flaws and problems with the game will not be ignored. We'll cover the game objectively.